About Options Tracker

Options Strategy management tool provided by Options Tracker is an easy to use tool for all trading enthusiasts. It not just makes trading easy but also allows you to trade efficiently with commodities, currency and future of stocks. The tool provides up to date information about the market condition in real time and covers popular exchanges including NSE, BSE and MCX.

Both amateur traders looking to make a mark in the industry and the professionals looking for opportunities to widen their trading skills and improve their profit market can benefit immensely using the Options Tracking Portfolio Management Tool. With an aim to be the providing the best trading tool for all traders and be the first and most preferred choice for all traders across India, Options Tracker provides a comprehensive options strategies management tool that allows them to manage all their trade under a single roof.

Options Tracker provides the best tool in the industry that is suitable for both the fledgling traders as well as the professionals in the industry who have years of experience. Our tool allows the traders to multi-task, you can use the tool to record the trades, measure and compare the results as well as execute the trade on their behalf. Another significant benefit of our portfolio management tool is that it provides all the traders latest news and updates in real time (with a delay of 15 minutes). Thus, it helps you not to miss out on any profit making opportunity and cash in on the profitable trades. In a nut shell, with features like automation of trade, real time updates, monitoring and comparison of success, the traders are in a win-win situation. Traders using the options strategies management tool can be sure to increase their profit margins than ever before.